Mouton Rothschild 2014 Released alongside Clerc Milon, d’Armailhac & Petit Mouton

Rather unexpectedly, today sees the release of all wines from the Mouton Rothschild family estates. Perhaps wishing to set the bar at a fair level so a hierarchy is maintained with Chateaux releases still to come. Mouton Rothschild is released at €240 ex Negoce up 11% on 2013 and 18% on the 2012, translating to a London price of £2340. Comparable to physical vintages on the market, this makes the 2014 around 12% cheaper than the lowest priced vintage, the 2012, albeit this years release is roughly the same price for the 2013 vintage deliverable next year.

Second wine Petit Mouton has been released at €78 per bottle ex Negoce, up 18% on the 2012 and 2013, with a London price of £750 per dozen. The pricing strategy has followed a similar pattern with the 2014 pried ever so slightly ahead of the 2013, but this does make the 2014 a cheap vintage compared with current physical vintages on the market. Perhaps one to look at whatever your view is.

Chateau d’Armailhac and Chateau Clerc Milon also released this morning at €24 (+5% on 2103 but -4% on the 2012) per bottle and €33.60 (+12% on 2013 and +8.4% on the 2012) per bottle respectively. That translates to a London market release price of £230 for Armailhac and £320 per dozen for the Clerc Milon. Both release prices do see the 2014 priced comparable to 2012 and 2013 but with a better vintage potentially scoring higher with the critics they do seem well priced to similar quality available vintages.

Will the market take these up? The team at Mouton Rothschild appear to have thought long and hard, listening to market pressures and coming out early have now set something for their neighbours to follow. It should make for a interesting week.

Vintage Wine  Current Market Price
2014 Mouton £2340 Release Price
2013 Mouton £2440 Release Price
2012 Mouton £2,700
2011 Mouton £2,850
2010 Mouton £4,800
2009 Mouton £4,750
2008 Mouton £3,100
2007 Mouton £2,925
2006 Mouton £3,250
2005 Mouton £3,290
2004 Mouton £2,950
2003 Mouton £3,290
2002 Mouton £2,950
2001 Mouton £3,050
2000 Mouton £12,000

Vintage Wine  Current Market Price
2014 Le Petit Mouton £750 Release Price
2013 Le Petit Mouton £740 Release Price
2012 Le Petit Mouton £1,010
2011 Le Petit Mouton £1,110
2010 Le Petit Mouton £1,106
2009 Le Petit Mouton £1,140
2008 Le Petit Mouton £1,190
2007 Le Petit Mouton £1,190
2006 Le Petit Mouton £1,396
2005 Le Petit Mouton £1,200
2004 Le Petit Mouton £1,290
2003 Le Petit Mouton £1,690
2002 Le Petit Mouton
2001 Le Petit Mouton £1,333
2000 Le Petit Mouton

Vintage Wine  Current Market Price
2014 Clerc Milon £320 Release Price
2013 Clerc Milon £315 Release Price
2012 Clerc Milon £340
2011 Clerc Milon £395
2010 Clerc Milon £465
2009 Clerc Milon £440
2008 Clerc Milon £450
2007 Clerc Milon £440
2006 Clerc Milon £415
2005 Clerc Milon £540
2004 Clerc Milon £450
2003 Clerc Milon £520
2002 Clerc Milon
2001 Clerc Milon £460
2000 Clerc Milon £690

  Vintage Wine  Current Market Price  
2014 Armailhac £230 Release Price
2013 Armailhac £245 Release Price
2012 Armailhac £240
2011 Armailhac £307
2010 Armailhac £320
2009 Armailhac £310
2008 Armailhac £310
2007 Armailhac £300
2006 Armailhac £360
2005 Armailhac £420
2004 Armailhac £360
2003 Armailhac £420
2002 Armailhac £440
2001 Armailhac £450
2000 Armailhac £490

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